With the high cost of day-to-day living, it’s always challenging to plan family budgets. Given our participation in the CCA, it’s a load off my mind not only that my electricity prices haven’t soared, and knowing that they will be stable for the next few years, provides tremendous peace of mind. In addition to the cost savings, I’m happy to know that my energy needs are being met with local, renewable sources without any added effort or inconvenience

Nicholas Dedring, Hudson Valley Community Power program participant

We are thrilled our residents are able to reap both financial and environmental benefits during these difficult times. Residents experiencing financial difficulties should consider joining Hudson Valley Community Power. Doing so will allow them to save money and help our planet by taking actionable steps towards addressing our growing climate crisis.

Neil Bettez, Town of New Paltz Supervisor

We are excited to move forward as a community. This provides residents a win/win/win trifecta: they get a price that is roughly half a penny per kWh less than what they paid Central Hudson, on average over the last year, that rate is fixed, so they are protected against volatile market prices for the next two years, and supply is 100% renewable, greened by Renewable Certificates that come from power plants they can directly identify. Over and above that, they can save 10% more with community solar.

Richard Parete, Supervisor of Marbletown

Lowering electric rates at the same time sourcing 100% of our energy from renewable sources, is a win for everyone who participates and a win for the environment. New collaborations with our neighboring communities is a win for the entire region.

Ron Rolison, Former Mayor of Poughkeepsie

Both the CCA Program and Community Solar are no-brainers for everyone; they save people money and increase clean energy use in New York State, particularly here in the Hudson Valley. These programs are even better for people with less money since the savings will be even more meaningful.

Randy Casale, former Mayor of Beacon

This is an exciting way to help with climate change, and I'm grateful to support local community efforts to combat this global epidemic! Let's keep our lakes clean and our carbon footprint down—this is one easy way to do both.

Lisa Gibson, Geneva Community Power subscriber

Signing up for the renewable energy initiative just makes sense. I look forward to seeing the long term benefits of Geneva Community Power.

Sarah Mantell, Geneva Community Power subscriber

The program is a win-win-win, in my opinion. It's good for me personally, because my energy bill will be lower. It's good for my town of Geneva because of the $25,000 we will get for future projects (if 400 people sign up.) It's good for the world because we will use fewer fossil fuels. And a fourth win: it's a chance to actually DO something concrete about the climate change crisis. I'm proud of our town government for their leadership on this.

Cynthia DeFelice, Geneva Community Power subscriber

This project is a practical way for me to support renewable energy initiatives.

Carl Wenzel, Geneva Community Power subscriber

At first we thought this was only for Town of Geneva residents; but we were thrilled to learn that the project is open to area-wide residences with electricity delivered by NYSEG. Motivated to play some role in helping us reduce use of fossil fuels, harvesting energy from the sun in regionally located solar farms makes practical good sense all around. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We signed up right away and encourage everyone to do so. Nothing to lose here and saving approximately 10% on the electric bill sounds great to us.

Sally Webster, Geneva Community Power subscriber

I would like to promote the renewable energy initiatives because I care about our community and resources. I want to create less carbon emissions and help and encourage others to go green by example.

Ruri Chappell, Geneva Community Power subscriber