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About Joule Community Power
Joule Community Power (Joule) is committed to developing a clean energy future for all. Through our comprehensive portfolio of community choice aggregation and sustainability services, Joule ensures the at-scale uptake and deployment of new clean energy resources, enabling municipalities to deliver on their sustainability objectives. Joule's programs empower municipalities to make energy decisions for their own communities, thereby enabling local decision-making and empowerment. In doing so, Joule is shifting New York State’s energy dependency from a utility-controlled, fossil fuel model to a municipally-controlled clean, renewable energy model for thousands of households at a time. As a first mover, in 2021, Joule launched the first and only opt-out community solar program in the U.S., bringing the benefits of solar—including guaranteed electricity bill savings—to entire communities. As of December 31, 2021, Joule represented 800,000 New Yorkers in 44 municipalities. Additionally, Joule enables consumers and institutions to take action and benefit from New York State’s ongoing investment in sustainability initiatives.
Joule Community Power is a division of Joule Assets.