August 27, 2019

Irondequoit, Brighton, and Pittsford Take Next Big Step Towards Procuring Lower Cost & 100% Clean Electricity for Local Ratepayers

For Immediate Release

A coalition of Monroe County municipalities is taking the next step forward to procure a lower cost, 100-percent clean electricity supply for local ratepayers. The Towns of Irondequoit, Pittsford and Brighton, as well as the Village of Pittsford, have all selected Joule Assets to serve as program administrator for Community Choice Aggregation. Joule maintains an operating agreement with locally-based Roctricity. 

Joule will next work on behalf of the municipalities to solicit bids for a fixed-rate clean electricity supply, using the leverage of over 50,000 ratepayers to ideally procure a lower cost and generate a demand for green energy. Ratepayers in these communities would remain RG&E customers, as this program only impacts where electricity is sourced. 

“The Town of Irondequoit is excited to be taking the next steps to determine if we can provide lower cost, renewable energy for our community,” said Irondequoit Supervisor Dave Seeley. “Now more than ever, it is incumbent upon local governments across America to take the lead to adopting policies that not only recognize the extreme threat of climate change, but also aim to do something about it. We look forward to working with Joule and Roctricity to help meet the objectives of our CCA program in Irondequoit.” 

Pittsford Supervisor Bill Smith noted, “Moving ahead with a CCA program is just the next step in Pittsford’s long tradition of taking action to protect our environment and benefit our residents. The opportunity to offer electricity from renewable sources at lower cost is a win for everyone.” 

“The Town of Brighton has been a leader in promoting sustainable practices. Community Choice Aggregation will be an opportunity to dramatically reduce the use of dirty, non-renewable energy in Brighton,” said Brighton Supervisor Bill Moehle. 

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), while not a new concept, has only recently been authorized in New York State within the past five years. A pilot CCA program, Sustainable Westchester, generated approximately $15 million in net savings for Westchester County in its first two years of operation, while largely providing a 100% green energy supply for ratepayers. Joule was central to the development and administration of that CCA program. 

“This is a remarkable opportunity for Monroe County communities to source 100% clean electricity supply on their terms, and to support the development of local renewables,” said Glenn Weinberg, Vice President of Joule Assets, LLC. “We are delighted to be working in partnership to achieve that goal." 

“Roctricity is pleased that the communities of Brighton, Irondequoit, and Pittsford have selected our partner, Joule Assets, as the administrator for their Community Choice Aggregation program,” said Sue Hughes-Smith, Roctricity. “The selection demonstrates the municipalities’ commitment to acquiring renewable energy at a competitive price and to the increasing integration of local solar projects into the program. As the local program organizer, Roctricity, looks forward to serving the residents and small businesses in these communities.” 

Last year, each municipality adopted a local law to create its own CCA Program. In December of 2018, the four municipalities signed a Memorandum of Understanding to commit to work with one another on a joint procurement process for a CCA Administrator. 

Joule Assets is an experienced CCA Administrator in New York State, with an implementation plan and data protection plan approved by the NYS Public Service Commission. Joule’s CCA model enables communities to leverage their collective purchasing power to access guaranteed savings for consumers, lower fixed rates on renewable power and help facilitate a demand for and the development of local clean energy projects. 

Roctricity, which is Joule’s operating partner, was founded by sustainability professionals with a mission of advancing clean energy projects in the Greater Rochester area. It will serve as a local program organizer that will assist with public outreach and customer service. 

The Joule CCA model presented to the municipalities offers ratepayers the ability to “opt-up” to an energy supply that is generated by local clean energy initiatives, guaranteeing savings for ratepayers who elect to go this route. 

Moving forward, each town still must decide if it wishes to make the fixed energy supply procured by Joule the default energy supply for ratepayers within each respective municipality. Should any or all of the municipalities decide to move forward, residents would be able to opt out of the CCA program and stay with the energy supply procured by RG&E or an energy service company (ESCO).