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About Joule Community Power
Joule Community Power is leading the paradigm shift towards 100% clean energy in New York State by guiding municipalities and residents towards local energy independence. Joule Community Power helps municipalities reduce residential energy costs while advancing energy reduction, energy management, and clean energy goals amidst an evolving regulatory environment. With no upfront cost to a municipality or its residents, Joule’s first-of-kind, integrated Community Power program helps municipalities and consumers (1) save money by gaining leverage to procure less expensive electricity for residents and businesses, (2) make money by creating new revenue opportunities through participation in energy markets, and (3) Go green by gain local control to opt for clean and renewable generation sources. Joule Community’s distinctive expertise in designing and implementing new consumer-protective energy supply contracts was instrumental in the creation of New York State’s first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) energy program and has encouraged the Public Service Commission to rapidly advance innovative solutions. Having created the blueprint to guide communities through a smooth and empowering decision process, Joule Community aims to scale its successful Community Power model across NY State and beyond. Joule Community Power is a division of Joule Assets.

To learn more, visit www.joulecommunitypower.com.